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Buying a license directly from the web administration

As described in the FAQ, there are two types of licenses:

  • Contract licenses for service providers, using a pricing model that scales with your business (for example per domain)
  • User licenses for enterprises

Contract license

For a service provider (such as a web hosting company), a technically restricted license isn't ideal. We therefore offer "contract" licenses, for which you pay based on an agreement. The agreement terms can be monthly, quarterly or yearly. Our goal is to find a pricing model that fits, and scales with, your business. The most common pricing models that we use are based on either domains, users, CPU cores, nominal traffic volume or selective revenue share. Please contact [email protected] for a quote, preferably with some information about your business model and estimated volume.

User license

The per-user license is suitable for most non-service-providers (such as enterprises). As stated in the FAQ, a user typically equals to an employee (sometimes referred to as "warm seat") in the case of an enterprise.