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(SMTP and e-mail)
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** [[Scripted routing]]
** [[Scripted routing]]
*** External [[API calls]]
*** External [[API calls]]
*** [[Routing by DNS appending]]
** Handoff with [[LMTP]]
** Handoff with [[LMTP]]
** [[Recipient filtering]] and [[in-line delivery]]
** [[Recipient filtering]] and [[in-line delivery]]

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At its core, Halon is a scriptable SMTP server
Halon SMTP software,
the scriptable email gateway for service providers.
  • Current version
  • Halon 4.8-p1
  • FreeBSD 11.2-p1

Halon is a scriptable email gateway and anti-spam filter (MTA or proxy) with many features and an extensive ecosystem; probably best described as an email delivery and security platform. It is used primarily by web hosting providers, and powers some of the world's most popular mail servers.[1]

Getting started

The software can be downloaded for free and installed on any x86-64 server/computer or as a virtual machine. Supplementary software is available on our GitHub page.


Halon consolidates all the functionality needed in front of email servers

This informational website is arranged as a wiki. Below are a list of the most requested articles for your convenience.

SMTP and e-mail

Programming and integration

System and management