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(Programming and integration)
(E-mail routing)
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=== E-mail routing ===
=== E-mail routing ===
* [[Scripted routing]] and [[LMTP]]
* [[Scripted routing]], [[Delivery]] and [[LMTP]]
* Transparent [[proxy]]
* Transparent [[proxy]]
* [[Routing by DNS appending]]
* [[Routing by DNS appending]]

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Halon Security is primarily the developer of a hosting-grade email gateway software, probably best described as an email delivery and security platform. It's noted for its unparalleled flexibility, scripting and integration capabilities, allowing demanding customers such as hosting providers to design the perfect solution for their needs, without compromise. It may be downloaded for free from https://halon.io/download/ and installed on any computer/server or as a virtual machine. New user are encouraged to read the getting started page.

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This informational website is arranged as a wiki. However, below are a list of the most requested articles for your convenience.

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Programming and integration

E-mail routing

SMTP and e-mail