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The Halon platform is tested on Citrix XenServer 6.2, with good stability and performance. This is mainly because FreeBSD (which the system is based on) has excellent Xen (PVHVM) support, including para-virtual networking drivers.


The most universal way of deploying the system is by using the raw or VHD (a format used by Microsoft, but also Citrix) disk image releases. We also provide a dedicated package for Citrix XenServer in XVA format, which might be slightly dependent on the hypervisor version, but very convenient to import.

  1. Download the VHD or XVA release
  2. Unpack it, using for example Window's built-in ZIP archive tool
  3. Connect to the hypervisor using Citrix XenCenter
  4. Open the File > Import... dialogue
  5. Choose the downloaded file, and follow the guide