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The Halon platform runs on Amazon EC2.

Launching the image

To launch it, you can either download the "raw" image and write it to the root (/dev/xvda) disk of a HVM machine yourself, or use our public AMIs.

Region AMI Link
us-east-1 ami-87e4c0fc  Launch

For other regions, please copy the AMI yourself by selecting "Public images" in the drop-down for the search bar under "Images -> AMI" and then search for the ID listed above. After that, click on the "Actions" drop-down and then "Copy AMI".

Getting started

  1. Create a new VM using whichever method you prefer
    • The provided SSH key won't be used
  2. Browse to its web admin on port 443
  3. Login with username "admin" and instance ID as password (the SSH keys you choose in EC2 arn't used)
  4. Once the getting started guide is completed, you will be redirected to the web admin's overview page
  5. Go the System > Hardware page and choose "System disk" as storage device (the system will reboot)