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There's an updated article in the knowledge base

Halon platform doesn't have root login enabled by default, and the system is managed via the SOAP API (usually from the web administration). Some operations, such as doing an offline software update or running fsck manually, requires you to login as root.

Enable root login

Interrupting the boot to login as root
  1. Connect to the console (video or serial)
  2. Reboot (possibly by powering off)
  3. Do not press any keys when the firmware prompt appears
  4. Wait for it to start booting (takes about a minute)
  5. When you see Press any key for recovery..., do so (press any key)
  6. Run root-shell to launch a root shell
  7. Run passwd to set a root password
  8. Run exit to return to the boot prompt
  9. Run boot to boot

Once booted, you can login as root over SSH, and make the root login persistent between reboots by writing the password hash to /cfg/servicemode

# cat /etc/master.passwd | grep Charlie
# echo -n "$6$..." > /cfg/servicemode