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There's another article about how to perform configuration-related recovery tasks, whereas this article is specifically about the "recovery partition".

The recovery partition (also referred to as update and recovery firmware) can be accessed using a video or serial console. It is invoked during software update (non-interactively), but can also be used to perform a factory reset or reinstall a corrupted system partition.

Booting into the recovery partition

This isn't necessary unless your system partition is corrupted, and needs to be overwritten.

  1. Start (or restart, if running) the system
  2. Press 'f' after a few seconds when the prompt is displayed

Reinstalling the system

Use the install command to overwrite the system partition with a software image file. The most recent version can be downloaded from and should placed on a disk (UFS and FAT are supported) that is attached to this system. If the system is running as a virtual machine, it should be straight forward to attach a new disk. On a physical hardware, a USB stick is probably the most convenient way to attach a disk.