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The Halon platform includes software from Cyren Ltd. (formerly known as Commtouch). They are a cloud-based, Internet security technology company providing threat detection and security analytics such as spam classifications, URL categorization, and malware detection. As stated in the FAQ, Halon includes two components from Cyren, namely;

Report classification mistakes

If you are a Halon customer, you can report classification mistakes directly to us. End-users however, are encouraged to contact the administrator of the system that blocked your message, because some information needed to unblock it might only be available in the logs of that system.

IP reputation

False positives generated by the globalview() function can be reported directly on their website, in order to have an IP address unlisted.


False positives generated by the ScanRPD() function can be reported via our report service by submitting the so-called "ref ID" which looks like


The reference ID is found in the text log, on the tracking page, and sometimes in the end-user interface (via the HSL function's ["refid" => true] option argument).