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The open-source anti-virus engine ClamAV is included in the Halon platform. It allows you to get a second opinion to the commercial anti-virus that's also included.


ClamAV can be invoked using the ScanCLAM() function in the DATA script, or via the graphical "Anti-virus" flow chart block.

if (ScanCLAM()) Reject("ClamAV thinks your message contains a virus"); 

Skip certain signatures

This example filter various heuristics detection from the ClamAV antivirus engine, which may be useful if these apply to you on regular basis preventing unwanted false-positives.

// ClamAV check
function ScanCLAM()
$skip = ["Xls.Exploit.EmbeddedFlash-1"];
$clam = [];
    foreach (
builtin ScanCLAM() as $v)
       if (!
$clam[] = $v;